Walnut Liqueur

In front of you there is a natural walnut liqueur. It was created by joining natural fruit brandy made of three sorts of apples and the freshest, the best quality and carefully chosen fruits of walnuts. The liqueur has characteristic sweet bitter taste and walnut flavor dominates in every drop.

We are representing with proud, that this liqueur is 100% natural product, without supplements, artificial colors, aromas, taste enhancers and additives. With our name, we guarantee that complete process of traditional production is something what is highlighting us on the market, and that you are drinking genuine drink which our ancestors used to drink once upon a time.

Dark green-brown color of the liqueur is a result of joining our natural fruit apple brandy and especially chosen walnut fruits of specific weight,  in a certain shape and stage of ripeness, through certain time period, according to more decades family Dragojevic recipe, who decided to share their treasure with you. Our 100% natural fruit brandy of three sorts of apples is made by old family recipe which is transferred from fathers to sons. By carefully choosing every fruit and amount of every sort, we are getting the most quality base with specific aroma, high quality and intensity which is transferred to liqueur, giving it unique taste and pleasant aroma.

Drinking our natural fruit walnut liqueur is undoubtedly increasing your mood and making you feel loved.

The bottle cap is sealed with natural beeswax with adding of blue color, which is not harmful for health and it can’t break the quality of liqueur.

We wish you all the best by enjoying good glass of special liqueur for which we responsibly claim that it is incomparable.



Strongness 24.3 %